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Dyslexia Games Series C is for struggling students, including teens and adults who need help with any of these challenges:

  • ADHD, Dyslexia, LD, OCD, Dyscalculia, or ASD.​
  • Messy handwriting.
  • Weak concept of right and left.
  • Distraction, focus, and concentration issues.
  • Spelling problems.
  • Problems memorizing math facts and spelling words.
  • Trouble mastering the multiplication table.
  • Uncomfortable with reading aloud.
  • Letters, word or number confusion.
  • Concentration problems.
  • Slow reading.
  • Lack of interest in schoolwork.
  • Have a high IQ but struggles with reading confusion.


Is Series C best for my child?

Most dyslexic students over twelve years old can start with Series C and do not need to use Series A or B first.


Includes 8 Workbooks.  Complete the first book before moving on to the next.

Dyslexia Games Series C - Print At Home

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