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About Us

Joshua and Sarah Brown

Founders of The Thinking Tree and Dyslexia Games 

Dyslexia Games was invented several years ago by Sarah Janisse Brown, a Creative Learning Specialist, who also home educates her children. 


When Josh and Sarah found out that their 8 year old daughter, Anna, had Dyslexia, they began their search for answers and solutions. 


Sarah was amazed and puzzled by the way Anna, like most dyslexic children, could create detailed works of art and yet still struggle with simple reading tasks.  Sarah was determined to find out why such brilliant kids couldn't learn to read.


She believed that the key to teaching them to read correctly was hidden somewhere in their brilliant and creative minds. Sarah began creating art and puzzle games to trick Anna into learning to read, and Dyslexia Games was invented. 


When Sarah discovered the key to correcting the symptoms of Dyslexia she knew she had to share the discovery with the world. Now thousands of children around the globe now use Dyslexia Games with a 99% satisfaction rate.  You see, Dyslexic kids would much rather learn through art and games than through phonics and sight words!  Over time children with ADHD and high functioning Autism began to test the games...SUCCESS! 


The Browns have a large family and enjoy music, art, traveling and working with orphans in Eastern Europe.

Anna & Sarah

After discovering the key to Anna's Dyslexia, the mother and daughter team created and illustrated Dyslexia Games.  Anna drew many of the animals.


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