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One full year of American studies for creative and curious students!

Do-It-Yourself - Time Travel Journal 

American History Timeline

USA Research Handbook

Fun-Schooling With Thinking Tree Books
Updated & Revised 8/27/2018


By: Isaac J. Brown, Margarita Brown

 & Sarah Janisse Brown

How to Use

This Book:


1. Choose four books and one documentary about each era in American History and use the internet for research.


2. Fill out the timeline with facts you find in your books.


3. Ask your teacher how many pages to complete each day.


4. Use gel pens and colored pencils to complete the activities that require color

Eras of History Covered in the book:
Before 1500 - Native Americans & Vikings
1500-1600 - The European Explorers
1600-1650 - The Settling of America
1700-1800 - The Founding of the U.S.A.
1800-1900 - The Civil War
1900-2000 - Modern Times
2000-2018 - The Information Age

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American History - Do-It-Yourself - Time Travel Journal - PDF

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