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Homeschooling a Dyslexic Child? Me too!

Do you feel like you have tried everything, and your child still struggles just to read and write? I am a homeschooling mother, and I felt the same way when my eight year old daughter, Anna Miriam Brown, couldn't even tell the difference between the letters “b” and “d”. We had tried everything! I was losing confidence in my ability to homeschool, and my daughter was beginning to feel like she was "stupid" compared to other kids her age. What really upset her was the fact that her younger sister was reading "real books" and she was left behind. So trudged through a mountain of phonics workbooks. We bought learning DVDs. We played online reading games. I tried new curricula, but nothing solved the root problem: symbol confusion. But one day I gave up trying to teach Anna myself and hired a reading tutor. After working with Anna for a while the teacher turned to me and said, "Honey, your little girl has Dyslexia. These typical workbooks are useless." At first I felt like there was no hope, and there was something wrong with my child. But soon I realized that I had a very gifted child in my house...who needed serious help. I learned everything I could about Dyslexia, including all the current research, available therapies, and brain development options. I looked into Dyslexia Therapy, willing to try anything, I just wanted Anna to learn to read. Sadly, our family did not have hundreds of dollars to spend. I was determined to help her myself. After much research and time working with my daughter I began to put together a therapy designed just for her. That is when Dyslexia Games was born. I was solving a wonderful mystery that would eventually help many children to overcome their struggles with Dyslexia, without the high costs of traditional therapy.

I knew that Anna did not want to "do school", she was burnt out. She was very happy to draw and play mind games. So I created pages and pages of drawing activities and mind games to trick Anna into learning how to read and write. Anna could finally tell the difference between b's and d's! She loved the puzzles and art activities and within days she showed serious improvement. Just a few weeks later she was picking up books and sounding out words with a smile on her face! Anna discovered the joy of reading and ended up developing beautiful handwriting too, after just a few months. I could see that Anna had begun using the strongest area of her mind, not the weakest, to learn reading and writing. It was like a new beginning! Now Anna is thriving in EVERY subject in school, but art is still #1. Since Anna was clearly gifted in all things creative, we allowed her to major in The Arts year after year! She spent a lot of time learning to read well by reading the subtitles while watching countless musicals and documentaries. Anna's art work now appears in many of the Dyslexia Games Activity Books - especially the books with animal art. She also helped illustrate a book called "A Day Like Tomorrow". We hope you will use Dyslexia Games with your child. Now that Anna has overcome here struggles with symbol confusion and reading frustration homeschooling is fun again! We hope that your Dyslexic child will also be given the tools to quickly overcome his or her struggles with Dyslexia too! This Blog Post was originally written in 2011 - Life goes on! Update: It's May of 2016 - Anna just turned 16, and she is becoming a writer, artist and curriculum developer for children who learn in creative ways! Update: It's December of 2018 - Anna has become a popular Singer and Songwriter! She has written a 30 Song Musical called "His Story the Musical" Listen Here: Anna Miriam Brown - Dyslexia Singer & Songwriter Listen to her First Single "Arrive":

Take a look at Anna's Books! She has helped to write, illustrate and publish over a dozen favorites! VIEW Anna's Books on Amazon HERE:

By Sarah J. Brown - Anna's mom (Designer of Dyslexia Games)

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