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FREE Worksheets!

These Art and Logic Games are designed to help students with Dyslexia, ADHD and Autism to overcome reading confusion, messy handwriting, letter reversals, and problems with attention span. 

The worksheets shared below are the introductory activities that help the students to use the right brain when reading and writing. When visual thinking students activate the right brain when looking at letters the reading confusion begins to fade and symptoms of dyslexia are corrected.  To download these worksheet right click on the image and save them to your computer then print and use!

Series A for ages 5 to 8

For non-readers and students struggling with 1st grade level work.

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Series B for ages 8 to 12

For struggling readers who can read most three and four letter words, but have problems advancing in spelling and reading.

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Series C for ages 10 to Adult

For older students and adults who are reading, writing and spelling at a much lower level than they should be, based on age and effort.

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