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A full year of science and research for creative and active students!

A research handbook for bird lovers of all ages! 160 Pages - Full Color
By Laura Elisabeth Brown

This is a creative research handbook for students and bird lovers alike. This is a full color guide with research prompts, activities, coloring pages and breathtaking photography and the most incredible tropical birds!

Study 26 Tropical Birds:





Sun Conure

Scarlet Macaw

Spix’s Macaw


Rainbow Lorikeet

Blue and Gold Macaw

Hyacinth Macaw


Rose-Ringed Parakeet

Hawk Headed Parrot

African Grey


Military Macaw

Birds of Paradise



Green Cheek Conure


Blue-Throated Macaw

Eastern Rosella

Plum Headed Parakeet

Eclectus Parrot

Amazon Parrot


How to use this Book:


1. Choose which bird you would like to research first.

2. Find books, documentaries and YouTube videos to assist you in your research.

3. Use colored pencils for the illustrations and coloring pages.

4. Visit a bird sanctuary, zoo, bird rescue center to see some of the birds in real life.

5. If possible travel to a tropical location to watch birds in the wild.

6. Read each research prompt in this book and use books and videos to answer questions and learn more.


Tropical Birds Research Journal - With Colorful Photography - PDF

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