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A full year of science and research for creative and active students!

Nature Study - Seaside  Science -Curiosity Journal  FULL COLOR PDF
A Handbook of  Observation & Discovery

Includes 230 Pages! 
Ideal for all ages & grades, even adults! 
Modeled after our best-selling Nature Journal, we are happy to bring you this Seaside Curiosity Journal. In it, you'll study the amazing world of shells, sea animals, seaside plants plants, birds, beaches around the world, and so much more. You'll learn to draw sea creatures, identify native herbs, learn about rare and endangered animals and gain skills for observation.  
This book is a must have if you live, or vacation, near the sea- or wish you did!!! The vast oceans and surrounding lands are full of so much mystery and beauty begging to be discovered. This book is perfect for homeschoolers, co-ops, nature groups, etc- adults love it too!!  

Uses the Dyslexie font to help students with Dyslexia and letter confusion and reversal.  
Study these Topics: 
Beaches Around the World, 
Botanical Drawing, Tropical Plants,  
Tropical Fruits, Ocean Life,  
Survival, Birds, Shells,  
and Local Wildlife <p> 

Seaside - Nature Study Journal

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$37.50Sale Price
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