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Just for the Joy of it! The Journal can be used for grades 3 to 12, though it was designed with teens in mind.

Curriculum Journal for ages 14-17
High-school: Geography, Social Studies and World History - Instructions: Study one city and country per week.
Curriculum Journal for ages 9 to 13

Upper Elementary & Middle-School: Geography, Social Studies and World History - Instructions: Study one city and one country per month.

This amazing activity book will teach you about 30 fascinating cites around the world, as if you were planning to travel to each destination. You will learn about food, fashion, culture, history, navigation, tourism, architecture, and so much more!
Why study plain old boring geography, world history and social studies with text books, when you can dream of traveling around the world with Anna Brown’s new book? Designed to make learning fun for teens! Anna knows what teens love, because she is one herself.

Supplies Needed:
1. International Cookbook (or International Cooking Website)
2. Access to Travel Documentaries or Online Videos
3. Google Earth and an Atlas
4. Gel Pens and Colored Pencils
5. World Travel Books from the Local Library
6. Safe Access to the Internet to Research Traditional Costumes and Clothing - or a Book on the Topic.

This book can be used by the entire family, each person can add their own research and artwork to the Journal.

For Visual Thinkers & Gifted Students:
This book can be used with artistically gifted students and visual thinkers who communicate best with drawing, and learn best through watching videos.

For Children with Learning Challenges like Dyslexia:
The Journal can also be adapted for use with children who have learning challenges, the student who struggles with reading and writing can fill in the information pages with either illustrations or words. Children who have trouble with writing and drawing can print out pictures from the computer and tape them into this journal, like a scrapbook.

430 Pages

PDF - The Travel Dreams Fun-Schooling Journal

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$37.50Sale Price
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