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A full year of science and research for creative and active students!

Nature Study & Outdoor Science Journal: The Thinking Tree Presents: A Creative Book of Observation, Drawing, Coloring, Writing & Discovery Through Nature - Fun-Schooling for All Ages

Nature Study & Outdoor Science JournalA Creative Book of Observation, Drawing, Poetry, Coloring, Writing & Discovery through Nature

More than 180 Lessons!

Nature Drawing Lessons!Illustrations in Pen & Ink & PencilBeautiful illustrations by Sarah Janisse Brown and Vanya Romanenko
How to Use this book:
1. Take this Journal and a few pencils outside with you.
2. Look for something inspiring, interesting, or familiar to draw every day.
3.Some days you may want to write a poem or story about nature, animals, the weather, or your feelings.
4. You don’t need to use the pages in order, use the page that you want to use each day.
Things to think about when you go outside:
1. Think about how each season brings change.
2. Think about how the sky and clouds look.
3. Think about how the weather feels.
4. Think about the sounds you hear in nature.
5. Think about the animals that live near you.
6. Think about the habitats of each living creature.
7. Think about the way nature looks at different times of day.
8. Think about the way your yard changes every month.
9. Think about how to draw every detail.
10. Think about how you can do your best to appreciate, protect, and respect the environment around you.

100 pages for art, research and observation.

For Homeschooling Families who enjoy Charlotte Mason Methods, Delight Directed Learning or Fun-Schooling.

For more beautiful homeschooling books by Sarah Janisse Brown visit

Nature Study & Outdoor Science Journal - PDF

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