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My First Fun-Schooling Math book is the perfect introduction to math mathematics for young children ages 4 to 6. The adorable illustrations, the creative learning games, and fun activities keep the young child interested and curious. The format of each activity allows the parent or teacher to introduce the child to numbers in the most delightful way! This book can be used for pre-school, kindergarten or first grade, homeschooling, after school activities, and summer learning.

This Book Includes:

  • Counting to 30
  • Number Games
  • Mazes
  • Addition
  • Math Stories
  • Coloring
  • Drawing
  • 12 Months
  • 7 Days of the Week
  • 5 Different Shapes
  1. Tracing and Writing Numbers

    This is a 100 page book. You may print multiple copies for your household.
    Learning Level: A-1 Preschool, Kindergarten and Beginner Readers
    This book uses fonts that are easy for Dyslexic students to read, including the Dyslexie Font.
    PDF Print at Home

    By the Makers of Dyslexia Games, Sarah Janisse Brown, with help from Elizabeth Brown.



My 1st Fun-Schooling Math Workbook - PDF

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