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Minecraft and Mystery Bundle, Ages 9-17


An entire year of Minecraft themed homeschooling! This Minecraft based curriculum is perfect for creative children, and for new homeschoolers. Our delight-directed approach works great for all students, especially those resistant to anything “school”-related.  This bundle is best for students age 9+. Younger students may need assistance while older students can work independently. Tap into your child’s interests and cover all the basic school subjects at the same time!

All Thinking Tree books use a Dyslexia-friendly font to help students with Dyslexia and letter confusion.


What’s Included:
Fun-Schooling Math Mysteries & Practice Problems with Minecraft- Math Stories and Practice Problems 2nd, 3rd and 4th Grade- A fun book of math problems based off of Minecraft. While solving all these Minecraft Mysteries you will be using math and practicing your addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills. You’ll hunt for clues, decode secret mysteries and more alongside your favorite Minecraft characters.

7 Subject Science Portfolio - Minecraft & The Real World- A research handbook for kids who love Minecraft! Your student will learn about Botany, Technology, Chemistry, Meteorology, Zoology, Geology, and Physics with this creative research guide. They’ll use library books, videos, and online research to complete assignments. Your student will also get to try out some of their findings in Minecraft. Make learning fun while tapping into your student's interests with this amazing book.

All About Pets: Minecraft Fun-Schooling Journal- A Thinking Tree Core Curriculum Journal! Cover EVERY required subject while your student researches the topics, careers, interests & hobbies that they want to pursue! Delight Directed Homeschooling - Simple & Organized!


Fun-Schooling With Pixel Art- Discover the history of pixels and how artists from all over the world have been using pixels to create jewelry, mosaics, clothing designs, LEGO structures, and much more since the year 3000 BC to now. This book includes 15 pixel art activities, including math games and mysteries!


Minecraft & Mystery Bundle - All Subjects - Ages 9+ (#TTB-15)

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