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My Mom School Bundle

This is the essential bundle for homeschooling Mamas! Our 90-day planners will help you get out of Survival Mode and thrive!  You’ll find an easy way to develop gratitude and reflect on your blessings. We’ve even included a book full of tips on how to homeschool and a book to sit back, relax, and read.

All Thinking Tree books use a Dyslexia-friendly font to help students with Dyslexia and letter confusion.

What’s Included:
How To Homeschool: A Purse-Sized Guide to Getting Started- There is no one-size-fits-all education. "How to Homeschool" Gives you the tools to help you to give your child a customized education that is both delightful and relevant in this changing world! Practical ideas for teaching creative kids in a high-tech world!

365 Day Thanksgiving Journal- Be thankful every day! This is a wonderful little book to help you develop a thankful heart. Life is better when you remember everything you have to give thanks for! Be thankful every day of the year! A coloring book, doodle book, and journal.

Mom Files - A Mother to Daughter Legacy- Consider this a Handbook for normal mommies who need fresh ideas and inspiration! Pick this up to add cheer to your day, spice to your life, hope for your heart, wisdom for parenting teens, fun for your marriage, beauty for your home, joy for your table, cheats for parenting pre-schoolers and fun recipes too!

Windows to Our World: Sarah's Journal- From one adventure to the next, Sarah Janisse Brown tells the story of God’s love for her and how that love led her to an adoring husband, ten talented and creative children, and a life of both settling down and going abroad. From her early stories about learning to read, leaving the public school, homeschooling, and building a cabin in the woods, to her first-hand experience with two wars in Eastern Europe, to her family’s appearance on a reality television show, Windows to our World will keep you turning the pages and wondering what could possibly come next for the Brown Family.

Do It Today - 90 Day Pocket Planner - A pocket-sized planner that is easy to use, and helps you to put first things first!
You can’t do it all, but you can do a lot! You have big dreams, and your life is so demanding. Maybe you wonder how you will ever accomplish anything important.

Count it All Joy - 90 Day Pocket Planner- This planner is very simple. It is very cute and not very fancy. Small and sweet so you can carry it with you wherever you go. This planner is for spontaneous and busy people who need to organize their top priorities each day. The book is designed to help you create a habit of focusing on 4 important things one day, and 4 necessary things the next day. If you have trouble keeping up with your life, and you feel like you can't add one more thing to your day, this little planner, might be a wonderful solution!

Today I will Begin Again - 90 Day Pocket Planner- Here’s the plan: Do FOUR important or necessary things each day for 90 days. If you miss a day, just begin again. If you write down four goals every morning or every night before you go to bed, you might actually change your life, live your dreams, and get out of survival mode.

Just for Mom - Begin Again - Inspiration and Organization Bundle (#TTB-9)

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