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High School Homeschooling for "Creative Entrepreneurs"
By Sarah Janisse Brown

"This is a collection of Thinking Tree Books I enjoy using with my business-minded teens... For my children, these books, are used along with a selection of Books from Blue Stocking Press and Answers in Genisis. All together this selection is enough to create a complete curriculum that covers American History, World History, Economics, Geography, Business, Career Planning, Language Arts, Business Math, Political Science, Biblical World View, Creation Science, Skill Development and Home Economics."

"Besides introducing my teens to the important books, we also develop an individual career training plan for each child, starting around age 13. They usually choose a career path around their 13th birthday and we begin to invest in the tools, experience, education, and skill development needed to help the child build a business that will be thriving by the time they graduate from our home. They often change career paths between ages 13 and 18, but along the way they build wonderful skills!"

All Thinking Tree books use a Dyslexia-friendly font to help students with Dyslexia and letter confusion.

What’s Included:

Pondering the Past - A Creative Introduction to 30 Classical Stories- This book includes a short introduction to 30 Classical stories by with three pages of illustrations, copywork, learning prompts, and research activities for each story and author. Your student can study Literature and History in one book! Parents have even chosen to complete this book to learn more about classical literature.

Master Class - 30 Day Portfolio: Master Any Subject - Reports and messy notebooks become a thing of the past with this one-of-a-kind portfolio designed to accompany your right-brain student as they take online courses.  An interactive, creative, engaging way to take notes with opportunities to doodle and sketch, this portfolio preserves information, and when complete, presents it in a way that is both memorable and a work of art.


Smoothie Time - Health, Nutrition & Home Economics Over 290 Pages of fun!  Smoothie Time is packed full of nutrition for the mind and body, with delicious healthy smoothie and milkshake recipes, fun educational activities and research projects, home economics, humor, coloring, doodling and art pages, word searches, and investigational research of what can you do with that leftover banana peel?


American History Timeline- This journal that compliments any American history curriculum. Students are encouraged to research through history books and watching documentaries with space for note taking and question and answer pages. Each section contains book review pages, film documentary, creative art (learn to draw) pages, highlights of events in history, fact-finding prompts, information on time period art and creativity, discoveries and inventions, map mysteries, and building your own timelines!

Picturing the Past - Charlotte Mason Homeschooling- This workbook not only introduces the student to some amazing works of art, but also helps the child discover the meaning, importance, history and story behind the pictures. This book covers European and American History from a domestic perspective from the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries. Students will learn what life was like for Americans and Europeans during these centuries.

50 Creative Writing Prompts- This intriguing book will inspire you student to write stories packed with adventure, mystery, fun, danger and humor. Your student will need to do some research to complete some of the stories by delving into topics related to Geography and Social Studies.

United States - Geography, History and Social Studies Handbook- Discover all there is to love and learn about the United States with this unique and comprehensive geography journal meant to take students through all 50 states! Your student will stay engaged and curious while covering subjects like history, geography, social studies, culture, population, important landmarks, current events, and more.

Are You a Math Genius? The Inventor's Book of Calculation Games This is the inventive book that sparks a student's love for math! We use creative games, logic problems, art and our unique Funschooling approach to tap into your child’s creative side to finish this book. This is THE book to help your student learn how to use Math in the real world.

Windows to Our World: Sarah's Journal- From one adventure to the next, Sarah Janisse Brown tells the story of God’s love for her and how that love led her to an adoring husband, ten talented and creative children, and a life of both settling down and going abroad. From her early stories about learning to read, leaving the public school, homeschooling, and building a cabin in the woods, to her first-hand experience with two wars in Eastern Europe, to her family’s appearance on a reality television show, Windows to our World will keep you turning the pages and wondering what could possibly come next for the Brown Family.


How to Make Money - A Handbook for Teens, Kids & Young Adults- Set your pre-teen or teenage student up for a lifetime of success by putting this journal into their hands, an interactive guide to uncovering passion, igniting ambition, and providing the practical tools needed to set and accomplish financial goals. Covering subjects such as economics, social studies, and career-planning, this journal can be beneficial for grades 6th-12th.

DIY Scientific Discoveries, DIY- Useless Information & DIY Book of Interesting Inventions:

These books are designed for middle-school and high-school homeschooling. The student will use these blank book "templates" for their own writing and illustrations. Students take their work more seriously when they feel like they are creating something "real". These books should be used with a stack of library books. If you can't get to the library you can study your topic online and record what you learn into this real book. Not just a boring book report - these little DII books become treasures.

High School Homeschooling for "Creative Entrepreneurs & Explorers" (#TTB-20)

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