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Minecraft Beginners Bundle

An entire year of Minecraft themed homeschooling for new and early readers! This Minecraft based curriculum is perfect for creative children, and for new homeschoolers. Our delight-directed approach works great for all students, especially those resistant to anything “school”-related.  Tap into your child’s interests and cover all the basic school subjects at the same time!

All Thinking Tree books use a Dyslexia-friendly font to help students with Dyslexia and letter confusion.

What’s Included:
Teach Your Child - 100 Words To Read, Write, Spell and Draw- A Homeschooling curriculum for spelling and science in one fun book! This book teaches children about 21 wild animals and introduces them to 100 words. Fun, easy to learn poems and engaging illustrations make spelling fun.

Homeschooling with Minecraft: The Beginners Journal Animal and Farm Theme-. Cover all basic Elementary subjects while having fun with farming, building, design, and animals in the Minecraft world.

Comic Book Math- This fun math book is inspired by Minecraft and Legos. Creative kids love this book! It's not just a math book, kids will create comics, write short stories, practice spelling, draw, color and solve math mysteries. Math is fun and engaging with this delightful book.

Brain Games, Mazes & Coloring Pages- Brain Games, Mazes & Coloring Pages - Packed with logic games, mazes, comic activities, famous landmarks, and Minecraft coloring pages, this book was specifically designed to boost creativity and problem-solving skills. It’s a wordless book, making it perfect for new or struggling readers as well.

Fun-Schooling Beginners- Minecraft Theme Ages 6 - 9 (#TTB-7)

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