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Active Boys Bundle

Do you have an active boy in your home? If he would rather be climbing trees the Active Boys Bundle is just what you are looking for. A full school year of homeschooling for boys age 8+.  If your son can read on at least a 2nd-grade level, he’s ready! Cover all the basic subjects and build him up to be a man of character while letting him have plenty of FUN and activity!

All Thinking Tree books use a Dyslexia-friendly font to help students with Dyslexia and letter confusion.

What’s Included:
Teach Your Child - 100 Words To Read, Write, Spell and Draw- A Homeschooling curriculum for spelling and science in one fun book! This book teaches children about 21 wild animals and introduces them to 100 words. Fun, easy to learn poems and engaging illustrations make spelling fun.

Biblical Virtues & Values - Do-It-Yourself - Character Development Journal- Help your son develop better character and stronger values!  Children will learn how to look up verses in the Bible and apply what they learn in a fun and relevant way.

Comic Book Math- This fun math book is inspired by Minecraft and Legos. Creative kids love this book! It's not just a math book, kids will create comics, write short stories, practice spelling, draw, color and solve math mysteries. With over 100 activities based on things creative and active kids love, this book is perfect for struggling learners and beginners. Math can be fun and engaging with this delightful book.

Homeschooling Active Boys - Do-It-Yourself Journal-Cover all the standard school subjects while tapping into your son’s interests. This curriculum journal is great for all students, especially reluctant learners. He will absolutely love learning with this journal!  All you need to add is your preferred Math and History curriculums.

Active Boys Homeschooling Bundle - Ages 6-10 (#TTB-6)

$73.50 Regular Price
$66.15Sale Price
  • 978-1523413515
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