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Study Animals Without Evolution! Just the facts! All the Fun! 
Dinosaurs, Moneys and More! 
Raising an animal lover and don’t want to teach evolution?  This is the bundle for you! Ideal for students age 8-12 who can read on at least a second-grade level.  Provide your students with art supplies, pencils, library books, and parent-approved learning materials. This bundle is enough to last at least a couple school years or to be shared among siblings.

All Thinking Tree books use a Dyslexia-friendly font to help students with Dyslexia and letter confusion.

What’s Included:
Teach Your Child - 100 Words To Read, Write, Spell and Draw- A Homeschooling curriculum for spelling and science in one fun book! This book teaches children about 21 wild animals and introduces them to 100 words. Fun, easy to learn poems and engaging illustrations make spelling fun.

Dino Doodle - Curriculum Journal: 365 Fun-Schooling Activities for Kids who Love Dinosaurs.  This core journal covers all the basic elementary school subjects while teaching your child about dinosaurs!  They’ll even get to learn to draw their favorite dinos. All you need to add is your preferred Math and History curriculums.

180 Dinosaur Learning Games and Poems- Teach your child to spell 180 words with a fun dinosaur theme. This book covers spelling, drawing, science, and handwriting all in one little book! Perfect for all students, especially reluctant land struggling learners.

Curious & Creative Curriculum - Monkey Doodle- 180 Lessons and Activities. This Journal has a special focus on learning through logic and creativity. It also covers every required subject. All you need to add is your preferred Math and History curriculums.

Secret Quest - Book of Ideas- A 180 Day Homeschooling Diary for kids who want to have fun with their creative writing, but don't feel comfortable showing their work to others. This journal allows your child to feel free to be creative with art and words, knowing that he, or she, will not be graded, corrected or criticized. Over 200 pages with a Lego, dinosaur, fossil, nature, animal, and outdoors theme.

Animals Without Evolution! Curriculum Bundle 7 - 11 (#TTB-10)

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