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One full semester of learning! Cover every required subject. Just add math!

A Complete Homeschooling Curriculum for ages 8 to 13.

A Homeschooling Journal for Monkey Lovers! 180 Lessons and Activities. This Journal has a special focus on learning through logic and creativity!! It also covers every required subject! Perfect for 2nd to 4th grade, but fun for all ages.


This is the perfect Fun-Schooling Journal for students who love monkeys!

There are 180 activities in this book, and you can require your student to use 1, 5 or 10 pages per day, along with 6 library books, and your favorite math, history and science curriculum. You are free to use it any way you wish. That is the joy of fun-schooling with Thinking Tree Books.

This book includes:




Monkey Photography

Creative Writing

Story Writing

Character Development


Classical Music




Art & Drawing

Library Skills

Unit Studies

Logic Games & Mazes from

Geography and Map Skills This book uses the Dyslexie Font to make reading easier for children who have dyslexia. To learn more about Fun-Schooling visit

You can use this Handbook as your core curriculum for a student with dyslexia, ADHD, Autism. The art and logic games help students with issues related to these learning challenges.  Any fun-loving and creative child will enjoy this Fun-Schooling Curriculum!


This book is also for sale on Amazon in paperback form, in Black & White. Enjoy the full color photography in this version only!

This Journal will help you document your child's eclectic learning journey.

Monkey Doodle - Core Curriculum Journal - PDF

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$37.50Sale Price
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