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This delightful Christmas will inspire the whole family to think about the true meaning of Christmas while learning about how families celebrate Christmas. 

The poems share stories about the many special traditions that families share.  The book does not mention Santa Clause, but does talk about celebrating the Nativity of Jesus Christ.  

The theme is one of family togetherness, holiday music, comforting foods, winter fun, decorating, Christmas heirlooms, ice and snow, cocoa, gifts, angels, animals, and Jesus.  

The author tells the poetic story of how her loving Christian family made Christmas very special through sharing the joy of many traditions.   

This book can be shared with siblings, friends, parents and grandparents.


By Charity Thayer, Sarah Janisse Brown & Tanya Hulinska - Paperback is for sale on

Countdown to Christmas Journal & Coloring Book - Print at Home

$20.00 Regular Price
$15.40Sale Price
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