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Two Free "Fun-Schooling" Number Games! Printable Pages from The Thinking Tree

"I Spy Number Games" Printable Learning Games to Play in Waiting Rooms and Restaurants - All Ages. By: Laura, Susie & Sarah Janisse Brown Print these two "I Spy Number Games" and challenge your children to compete with you to find the numbers in order from 1 to 100. Instructions Below for 2 to 10 players!

FREE - Click here to Download & Print! Copyright Rules: You may print, copy and share these pages with everyone!

Two Players - How to Play:

1. Print a copy of each page.

2. Sit beside your child.

3. Ask your child to choose what page to use first.

4. You and your child need to have a different colored marker.

5. "Ready, Set Go!" Search the page together for #1. the person who finds it first calls out the number and circles it in their color.

6. Look for #2, then #3 all the way to #100. You must circle the numbers IN ORDER!

7. At the end of the game count the circles to find out who won!

How to Play with Three to Ten Players:

1. Print a matching Game Page for each person to play a game of "I Spy". Give each child a matching page. 2. Take turns challenging each other to find a circle a number, letter, item or word. The oldest person should give the first challenge. "I spy the letter A" or "I Spy a cat in a box"

3. Whoever find and circles the "I Spy" object first, gets to call out the next object.

4. Create a time limit by setting a timer. Maybe you are at a restaurant waiting for food and need to do something for 15 minutes. Play the game for 15 minutes, when the bell rings count the circle on each persons page to find out who won.

Math Practice Games:

By Michelle Bradford:

This would be a great way to do math games with all different levels of math.

1. Someone calls out a math problem: "3+9=, 5x5=, 27-13=, 55 divided by 5 =" 2. Whoever finds the answer first circles it.

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