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Bring the joy back into learning while using art and logic to retrain the brain!

Choose the best series for your student's age or ability level!
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Dyslexia Games Series A

6 Therapy Books for Ages 5-8

(For new readers or non-readers)

Dyslexia Games Series C

8 Therapy Books for Ages 12 to Adult

(For spelling, speed, focus and comprehension)

Dyslexia Games Series A 

6 Activity Books - 180 Pages for Ages 5-8

Dyslexia Games Series A develops basic reading skills, corrects reading confusion, and eliminates letter and number reversals. Perfect for 5-8 year-olds who:


  • Struggle with K-1 Level Reading.

  • Reverse or confuse letters and numbers. 

  • Need to learn basic reading and spelling skills.

  • Have messy handwriting.

  • Have trouble paying attention to details.

  • Have symptoms of ADHD, Dyslexia or Asperger's Syndrome. 

  • Can't remember right and left.

  • Do not respond well to normal phonics lessons.

* After completing Series A, the student will be ready for Series B or any normal 1st grade curriculum. Series B brings the child to a 3rd+ grade level in reading and writing.


*Most 8 year-olds will need both Series A & B

Dyslexia Games Series B

8 Fun Workbooks - 255 Pages for Ages 8-12

Dyslexia Games Series B provides essential therapy to 8-12 year-old students who:


  • Have symptoms of ADHD, Dyslexia, LD, or Asperger's Syndrome.

  • Struggle with grade level reading, writing, and spelling skills.

  • Fail to advance or often complain "I don't get it."

  • Have a weak concept of direction.

  • Have messy handwriting.

  • Are embarrassed when asked to read aloud. 

  • Reverse or confuse letters, words or numbers.

  • Have concentration problems.

  • Are creative students who quickly lose interest in schoolwork. 

  • Students who can not remember rules of phonics, but can read three letter words.


*After completing Series B, the student should no longer have reading confusion and will be ready for any normal curriculum or Series C.


*Students over 9 years old with serious spelling problems, should complete both Series B & C, but will not need Series A.

Dyslexia Games Series C

8 Therapy Workbooks - 310 Pages for Ages 10+