Life, Love and Dyslexia


Are you educating a creative child?


Tips, Tricks and Wisdom from Sarah Janisse Brown

Mom, Educator, Dyslexia Specialist and Founder of Thinking Tree Books 



Children with Dyslexia, Asperger's and reading confusion learn differently, and learning happens in a unique way. When they are expected to do normal schoolwork they try their best, but experience a lot of mental stress.


Dyslexics see other children getting ahead, they see themselves falling behind. The distractions of the classroom add to the confusion. Normal schoolwork fogs the mind and overwhelms the child.


Some students have a combination of Dyslexia, ADHD and Asperger's, even though they are very intelligent, their brains may shut down under...

You may have heard me, and some other moms of teens, joke about the "Brain Dead" Stage. Let me tell you what happens sometime between age 11 and 15...

YES, At our house we joke about the "Brain Dead" stage. It's very real and happens even to the best behaved kids.

Of course they are not brain dead, but they sure act like it. There is a phase where kids CAN NOT follow instructions, CAN NOT make plans, CAN NOT think logically, CAN NOT answer normal questions in a normal way, CAN NOT see how what they do now will impact the future. The can not manage...

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