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Mom, Educator, Dyslexia Specialist and Founder of Thinking Tree Books 

You may have heard me, and some other moms of teens, joke about the "Brain Dead" Stage. Let me tell you what happens sometime between age 11 and 15...

YES, At our house we joke about the "Brain Dead" stage. It's very real and happens even to the best behaved kids.

Of course they are not brain dead, but they sure act like it. There is a phase where kids CAN NOT follow instructions, CAN NOT make plans, CAN NOT think logically, CAN NOT answer normal questions in a normal way, CAN NOT see how what they do now will impact the future. The can not manage...

Do you feel like you have tried everything, and your child still struggles just to read and write?

 I am a homeschooling mother, and I felt the same way when my eight year old daughter, Anna Miriam Brown, couldn't even tell the difference between the letters “b” and “d”.  We had tried everything!

I was losing confidence in my ability to homeschool, and my daughter was beginning to feel like she was "stupid" compared to other kids her age.  What really upset her was the fact that her younger sister was reading "real books" and she was lef...

 "I Spy Number Games"
Printable Learning Games to Play in Waiting Rooms and Restaurants - All Ages.
By: Laura, Susie & Sarah Janisse Brown 

Print these two "I Spy Number Games" and challenge your children to compete with you to find the numbers in order from 1 to 100.  Instructions Below for 2 to 10 players! 

FREE - Click here to Download & Print!
Copyright Rules: You may print, copy and share these pages with everyone!

 Two Players - How to Play:

1. Print a copy of each page.

2. Sit beside your child.

3. Ask your child to choose what page to use...



Your child doesn't learn like other kids.  He has to be on the go.  She is always creating something new.  He just wants to play... ALL THE TIME.  She's not interested in textbooks, but she likes computers.  He is in his own world.  She loves field trips and hates sitting still. She can't stop talking. He daydreams. She doodles. She is perfect.  He is perfect. They just have a different way of learning....

Here are the TOP 25 Fun-Schooling Books

Published by The Thinking Tree:
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(All Thinking Tree Books use Dyslexia Friendly Fonts!)

#1 Do It Yourself Curriculum - Fun-Schooling with Minecraft

by Sarah Janisse Brown,  Isaac Joshua Brown & Tolik Trsihkin
Title ID: 6476834 ISBN-13: 978-1536914443
CreateSpace eStore:

#2 Comic Book Math ~ Fun-Schooling Journal

by Sarah Janisse Brown
Title ID: 6077795 ISBN-13: 978-1530092352
CreateSpace eStore: https://w...

Do you have a student who doesn't want to write? Does your student fear math? Does your student dread school time? Maybe they are afraid that they will be in trouble over their childish mistakes! If they freely write the stories that are in their hearts, their joy will be squashed when you point out the errors! Children fear and dread writing and sharing because adults always point out the problems and focus on the mistakes! We think we are helping, but we are not. We are causing stress and humiliation. so look for talent not perfection, they will b...

Today we are giving away FREE Dyslexia Therapy Sample Book from Dyslexia Games Series C!  For ages 10 to Adult.  

Is it Dyslexia?  This therapy is for STUDENTS who have:

ADHD, Dyslexia, LD, OCD, Dyscalculia, Autism or Asperger's Syndrome.​
Messy handwriting.
Weak concept of right and left.
Distraction, focus, and concentration issues.
Spelling problems.
Problems memorizing math facts and spelling words.
Trouble mastering the multiplication table.
Uncomfortable with reading aloud.Letters, word or number confusion.
Concentration problems.
Slow r...


There are two reasons to learn something... because we need to know it, and because we love it. For example we all need to know how to read, how to use money, how to be kind, and how to tell time. Some people need to know things like how to use a lawn mower, change a diaper or how to operate a cash register.


Learning because we LOVE:

Your child may love dinosaurs and he may want to spend hours every day researching them, going to exhibits and his dream may be to dig up fossilized dinosaurs, but he does not NEED to know this for his imminent survival...

 ​As a little child with a big imagination, in a big world full of noise and stimulation, I always sought a quiet place to think. A quiet place of roots, leaves, branches and shady hiding places.



In all of my growing up places, I would seek out my thinking tree far from the voices, faces and florescent lights.  I didn't know why I wanted a hiding place, I just knew that I needed a hiding place.  



The modern world was so harsh, the sound of TV, the chatter of neighbors and the buzz of the fridge, the glare on the glass - it was all too much fo...

Just CLICK on this worksheet to download the whole workbook of FUN Number Doodles for FREE!  Spark a LOVE for numbers with these fun and simple activities.


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